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Artificial Golf Turf-Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie

We are different from other companies in Port St. Lucie that are just trying to offer services without guaranteeing the latest synthetic turf technology or great services that will help with the durability and longevity of the surface they are helping install. There’s a lot involved in working with this synthetic turf and grass option, so you must find a company like us at Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie that can help you with every aspect of choosing the best type of turf for your space: synthetic grass, heat blocking turf, artificial golf turf, and much more.

Among them, artificial golf turf is different from regular or synthetic grass in terms of its properties and the activities you can constantly perform in the area where it is installed. You will be able to see and feel the differences between the various options and compare your turf with the one in your backyard and the one on golf courses if you want to know more about this type in specific.

Although it is common and normal to find artificial golf turf in golf courses since it is the main purpose, you will find many properties throughout Florida that have it installed just because they decided to put some greens or preferred what it had to offer in comparison with standard turf and grass on the market.


We are proud to be one of America’s best manufacturers and with the few with a wide variety of golf turf to choose from based on how much activity you will have in your space, and we are not talking about golf courses only.

First, you must know this type can be installed on small or large courses where both professionals and amateurs will enjoy the same flawless surface and be able to improve their games, but if you have a mini golf area or want to have a durable and resistant surface like this at home, we’re all in for the project.

There are many synthetic turf systems that we offer to meet all your needs. We will assess your area and recommend the most cost-effective solution that also fits your preferences.

Putting Greens & Artificial Golf Turf Aren’t the Same Service

Essentially, our artificial golf turf solution is just one component of putting greens. It is necessary the creation of a small course at your location or to place several holes so you can have a grassy yet perfect surface to play in your designated and designed area. This requires having the correct type of turf installed, and this type is always the right choice.

You can use artificial golf turf for putting greens, depending on the type and design. Our main service is for people who need professionals to install multiple pieces of artificial golf turf on an entire course. It can withstand all weather conditions and lasts for over a decade. This allows players to have the best conditions possible.

We can not only design your putting greens but will also help you install and maintain them. It is important to differentiate between small-scale projects that are used for putting greens and larger-scale projects that cover entire fields with our turf.

We have the skilled workers and designers to make your green paradise a reality, no matter what your needs may be, but we will need to evaluate which ones are your requirements, so we know whether you need artificial golf turf or our regular putting greens.

Is It a Good Idea to have Artificial Golf Turf Outside of Golf Courses?

This turf offers many other benefits than the obvious, such as durability and long-term stability. These benefits are only possible with the finest golf turf that you can choose to install anywhere:

  • Maintaining it won’t take as much effort as natural turf. Instead, you can tend to it only once or twice a month when it comes to watering and providing simple cleaning.
  • It is able to perform in all types of weather and will offer a reliable and durable surface.
  • It’s cost-effective as it doesn’t need to be fertilized or watered as often as natural grass.
  • It is the best option to avoid all the mud and regular dirt that accumulates from the use of the surface and space.

Although golf turf is designed specifically for use on golf courses, it can be used in other areas as well. Customers have requested that the product be installed on their yards or patios so they can enjoy the benefits of synthetic grass and play golf whenever they want.

Based on your needs and requirements, we will help you make the best decision. We won’t toss golf turf out of the alternatives if we believe it is ideal for you; even if you don’t wish us to put greens or work on them, we can introduce the option. We will either recommend it to your satisfaction if it meets your requirements or follows your wishes.

What Does Our Artificial Golf Turf Service Include?

We offer regular assessments, design, installation, maintenance, and any post-service. For those who want to create their own course, you can also purchase DIY putting green kits from our services. If it’s on a course, we don’t believe you will require them. We can, however, add additional amenities to make it more functional and comfortable for everyone.

Our services are tailored to your needs. Some clients may only need one type of golf turf while others might require several.

To create the perfect design, we need to be able to understand every detail. We need to be able to envision how it will look and what products and materials are needed.

We use the latest technology and can include as many as you require in synthetic golf turf. We will work closely with you to achieve the best balance between your budget and what you need during the project.

We can also put courses when working with this type. We can help you bring your recreation areas to life and ensure that the course works as it should.

There are many things to consider when a project involves more than just installing artificial golf grass or removing an existing one in order to make room for a new product. To ensure the best possible result, we can assist you in any way that is needed while you participate in the process.

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