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Putting Greens-Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie

If you live far from your favorite golf course, or maybe there isn’t even one in your city, it can be difficult to practice your game and continuously improve so you can compete or just get better at it to enjoy it even more. Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie is here to offer you a solution that brings the course to your house, work, or property so you can practice all you want without interruptions: our putting greens service. We will ensure that you have a space similar to a course, but of your own, where you can make improvements and feel like you are finally into the game and polishing your skills.

Although a few greens in your yard or patio may not be as fun as a full-fledged golf course since we all understand the massive difference, they can improve your game and provide opportunities to play with your family and other loved ones while you get to polish a few details of your skills and what you’re capable of.

Besides, we like to see putting greens as more than just entertainment and enjoyment; they are also great investments if you want to add value to your property for future sales, or maybe you just want to keep adding valuable elements and areas.

Although some details might differ, the final result should look and feel the same as a well-maintained course with the grassy grass near the holes and a space that will add at least $2k more to the actual selling price. You can see this investment as a way to make yourself happy or finally get some extra money for sale.

The beauty of putting in greens lies in how they can be created and placed based on a design. Our team can create a landscape that fits your needs and follows your preferences as long as it is possible within the space you’re giving us and how realistic and comfortable the placement and elements of the holes are in the short and long term.

We will need to assess your patio and measure it. After we have come up with some ideas, our designers and professionals can help make them a reality, so you’re able to bring your dreams to your backyard, patio, or property—wherever it is located in Port St. Lucie or nearby areas.

Should You Worry About Putting Greens on Your Property?

We don’t care about your reasons for wanting this service, but we are confident that you will find it appropriate for what you need and, as mentioned earlier, as a full investment that will pay itself in the long run or whenever you decide to sell the property or lawn.

Many of our clients ask for a private area to play their games and have a space where they can probably just connect with nature and their golfing skills.

Florida properties with a putting course are more likely to sell. It allows owners to entertain their guests or simply improve their game.

A medium-sized putting greens can be purchased and installed for $3.300, and it can add $7.200 to the property’s market value. It is about how well-designed and maintained it has been over the years. If it’s new, it adds more value as well.

It is well worth the investment if you are passionate about the sport and are looking for something that will bring you closer to it wherever you are or if others appreciate the addition to the property. Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie professionals will deliver a high-quality result that will challenge and delight you.

How to Know If Your Property Qualifies for Putting Greens

People often hesitate to ask for our services because of their small yards and patios, but there’s no specific limit or minimum when working with putting greens as long as the right designers and professionals are working on your projects. We can make sure that the experience is as good as a round, even if it is just one hole in your space.

Even though we have limited space where a hole and green can fit, if we have 50 square feet or similar dimensions, we can make a beautiful putting green for you. This will allow you to practice with only one or two holes.

It all comes down to the basics and how you use your space. If we have enough space to accommodate large- or medium-sized greens, creativity will be greater.

We will evaluate your area and discuss all design options with you. Then we’ll work with you to get the results you want. We are open to your suggestions and requirements when working on it.

Is Putting Greens Considered to Be Expensive?

Prices may vary. We will work with you to meet your needs and not force you into buying a certain design or material. Instead, we will work closely with your property and you to make it happen. That being said, it doesn’t have to be expensive if you have a budget.

A medium-sized green costs between $3.000 to $4.200. A larger artificial one can cost over $8.000 or start as low as $6.700. It all depends on the area covered and the amount of work required to prepare the ground for the design or how the greens will be placed.

A 100-square-foot green could cost as little as $1.000 or range from there to $2.500. We can help you by giving us an estimate of the area or size to give you a quote that is very close to the final price.

Based on the space you have and the products being used, we can give you an estimate.

For more information on financing and past jobs so you can have a look at some examples or look for inspiration, please contact us. We can help you experience your favorite sport at your home or work as long as we have all the data and details necessary to bring the golf course to the property.

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