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Hobe Sound-Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie

Golf courses, patios, and parks; all make Hobe Sound one of the favorite destinations in Florida for visitors and residents. People can be looking for a new place to live or maybe just connect with all the nature offered in the area. Although it isn’t as popular in terms of attractions, the green spaces and nature spots make it a place you must visit at least once. Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie has been offering its services for over ten years to all residents and ensures they have everything available regarding synthetic turf and grass.

Our job is to help maintain existing turf and grass installed in the area and make sure that new individuals can join the artificial community to save time and money and help the planet; all at once.

The beauty of synthetic turf and grass lies in how they don’t need frequent watering, and fertilizers are unnecessary. You can have a green surface with great support and longevity while avoiding the use of water for minimal maintenance every day, which leads to high water bills but also using natural resources for purposes that aren’t entirely good.

Of course, there’s no need for us for green spaces where grass and turf dominate along with the trees and plants. But if you’re a homeowner, commercial owner, or maybe someone with a playground, school, and golf course, we’re confident you will find our service quite useful and on point.

How We Help People in Hobe Sound

We just keep creating nature spots in the town. We want to make sure everyone is able to have their personal green spaces, such as patios, yards, and gardens, while also allowing business owners to create a new ones for employees or customers or install a safe and cost-effective surfaces in sports fields and playgrounds to keep children safe.

It is a matter of functionality, and our role is to make people learn and understand how synthetic turf or grass—depending on what is needed—can help them with this.

Synthetic turf is often used in playgrounds and schools or spaces with high foot traffic. Meanwhile, artificial grass is meant for landscaping above anything else.

In our case, any of our products should be able to last for over ten years, but this will depend on where they are installed and if the activities performed in the area go according to what the surface can stand.

This is why it is important to assess your space and go over several questions when making the design and coming up with the perfect type. This is part of our job and our first and free assessment for your project.

Feel free to contact our team, and our professionals will be more than happy to provide support, services, and guidance through this process. Just make sure you keep your mind open to some recommendations and always provide us with as much information as possible. 

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