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Palm City-Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie

Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie is one of the few companies in Florida that offers solutions and services related to this artificial alternative to all residents and businesses in Palm City. We have worried about expanding our services for years and what we want to achieve today is simple: bring our synthetic turf installation and more services to anyone who needs them.

That being said, it is not easy to find professionals that can offer you the product and the installation at the same time since most of them focus on just providing the workforce, not really maybe knowing what manufacturing the product itself can bring to their service quality and all the opportunities.

Personally, we feel that offering high-quality products shouldn’t depend on a few distributors and manufacturers only. Instead, it should be part of what professionals can offer and guarantee to clients.

We work hard to manufacture over 60% of our products, and when we still have to outsource some types and specific items, we make sure they come from distributors and partners that worry about the same elements and standards as us: earth-friendliness, pet-friendliness, using nontoxic materials and aiming for fibers that will last for over a decade with little maintenance or close to none.

Although we began just like other companies in the industry with people and partners that would provide all products, we decided that having most of the types from our own efforts would be better, and we keep looking for growth, so we are able to keep offering more solutions and types that are at the top of the synthetic turf technology.

Synthetic Turf & Grass Where You Need Them

Besides residential and commercial synthetic turf installation, we are able to offer the same service but in other areas and spaces.

In Palm City, it is common to find playgrounds, athletic fields, and even golf courses. Thus, we have added all these areas to the ones where we can have our products installed.

Playgrounds need a safe surface that will reduce any harm kids can suffer during falls or accidents like tripping. Schools should offer the same to students while opening the alternative to have several spaces where each one is used for different purposes.

For example, we can have synthetic grass installed in your gardens and patios where students sit to enjoy, while we can have your soccer fields all neat with synthetic turf that offers durability and longevity.

It is a matter of choosing the right type of product after assessing every part of the area and coming up with the answers to questions like the possible volume of foot traffic, activities to be performed, and for what you’re planning to use the space in the short and long run.

To know more about how we can help with any of the previous spaces or just place a request outside of our list, feel free to call or email our team. You can also pay a visit to the nearest office in your location.

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