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Jensen Beach-Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie

Jensen Beach is known for two things in particular: beaches and green areas. When you take the time to go and google its name to see some pictures, you will find some fabulous aerial ones that will show you the green spaces that everyone brags about in the area. However, did you know that lots of these green places have synthetic turf and no natural grass covering them? Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie has taken part in the installation of artificial turf and grass for many patios, yards, and even public spaces, which is why we are confident when telling you how much people in the census-designated place love our products and the use of synthetic turf overall.

With the town being a great area for holidays and with all the shopping centers and variety of restaurants, homeowners and business owners want to attract more people every year, and they are making it happen.

Part of the plan is having more green spaces for enjoyment and adding new activities to the list of attractions. However, this can require a lot of resources since natural grass and turf require high maintenance, which includes frequent watering and fertilizers.

When it comes to finding a good earth-friendly solution, natural grass is never a good option when you are trying to have it in specific places and some surfaces that are frequently used. You will spend too much water on an element that isn’t essential for the planet, and you will be wasting natural resources while having to use fertilizers or chemicals.

This is why synthetic turf is the best alternative to keep every green space in Jensen Beach clean, stunning, and unique: because you don’t have to water it often, and chemicals are not required.

Should You Install Synthetic Turf on Your Property?

Be it a residential or commercial property and space, we are confident you will find value in adding this element and removing or stopping relying on the real thing.

You can have a patio, yard, garden, or basic green area with artificial turf that will look great all year round, and to add to the benefits: it offers great support, durability, and longevity.

Synthetic turf should be able to last over a decade with very little maintenance and with few repairs, if there are any, in the first place.

It is a matter of understanding what type of turf is better based on the foot traffic in the area, the activities that will take place in it, and how you want the surface to look in the short and long term.

Our job is to provide guidance and assistance in every step of installing synthetic turf and grass:

  1. We assess your space and take all measurements.
  2. We will come up with a design for it.
  3. Choose all the materials and products needed.
  4. Provide an estimate that is possible to negotiate.
  5. We will wait for your approval and work around what you want to add, remove, or change from the action plan.

Feel free to contact us for more information about installation and general synthetic turf services for everyone in Jensen Beach.

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