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Choosing synthetic turf over what we know as natural grass can be more beneficial than you ever thought. First, you don’t have to tend to it every day nor water the grass several times a week, which usually leads to having your water bills eat lots of money. The artificial option even helps the planet more than the real thing. At Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie, we are ready to assist you in every project to have this artificial turf or grass installed or offer repair and maintenance in case you already know how it feels to have it over the natural option.

Artificial turf is easy to maintain, requires less watering, and can return your investment within the next 2 to 3 years. This is due to the high-quality fibers used in the production of artificial turfs, such as nylon and polyethylene, that at least our company can guarantee as we worry about quality and longevity.

But not all companies provide high-quality artificial grass, and they prefer to keep their prices low to compensate for what they offer their customers. We are not fans of this and instead try to adapt ourselves to everything needed, and this includes working within your budget as much as possible.

When contacting us and relying on our skills for the project, you can expect us to worry about your budget, the design and idea you have in mind, all your preferences, and every single one of your needs.

We cannot guarantee that we will cover all details every time since one thing is to recommend what’s best and the other is what you end up wanting for your space out of the options we offer. However, we can manufacture more than 80% of our products or have them outsourced to top companies, when necessary, which will take care of the usual problem: if the product will last or not.

These top companies use only the same materials that we do. They are non-toxic, last longer, are stronger, and are safer for children and pets.

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Although it is easy to say that we are the best, what is important is proving it and showing you how we can handle every project and synthetic turf need in your hands.

We know how nervous some people can be about synthetic turf and all the prices or services, which is why we do our best to offer the option that will be the best without questions since you will work with experienced professionals thanks to how we have built our team over the years.  

We have experts and designers who have at least five years of experience in the area and will handle every task as if it was for them. When it comes to installation, we do everything, and repairs and maintenance aren’t on our list.

For this to work whatsoever, you must reach out to our team to learn more about how we can assist you and take this first step for us to work from there and give you all the recommendations needed.

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