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Synthetic Turf Repair-Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie

Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie offers a wide range of services to ensure we cover all your needs and provide solutions to any issues you may have with your turf or grass, either installed by another company or us. This is why part of the solutions we have included in synthetic turf repair for all residents and artificial turf owners in the area. We will repair any holes or make sure to place some patches on your turf surface based on the damage and what caused it. Sometimes, replacing the piece may be needed, and we have it for you.

Although it requires assessment to determine the best option to repair your synthetic turf, there are a few options that will make it easier to discover what must be done. Your synthetic turf can be torn, burned, or pulled out. There are special cases in which it is impossible to determine if something else happened or if the damage corresponds to specific damage, but this won’t stop us as we can determine the solution based on how the turf looks and its current functionality.

Although repairs are rare, families and owners will often request services because of the artificial turf’s age and its use over the years. Besides, those repairs aren’t expensive and are part of the little to almost no maintenance you need to provide compared to the real thing—natural grass.

Discolored turf is the most frequent problem, especially if it has been in use for over five years with a high volume of foot traffic. If the artificial turf was used according to its design, it shouldn’t have been discolored within the first four years and could even last longer than 5 years, but some repairs are not only for whenever it has happened but also to prevent it and preserve the current turf.

Each type of damage is different, so we’re all here to help you find the right solution and get it done in no time so you can continue enjoying your space without eyesores or issues that affect its functionality and performance.

Why We DO NOT Recommend DIY Repairs

Avoid attempting to repair synthetic turf by yourself since it can cause more damage and not only cost you more—if you’re trying to save money—but also lead to a different repair that will take more time and won’t allow you to use your space soon.

Keep in mind that you can deal with very simple repairs such as small holes you can cover with the same turf you have in your green area—patio, yard, garden—or maybe try to clean some pieces that seem to be full of dirt or slightly damaged.

However, when it comes to burned and torn parts and pieces, you can end up having an entire space damaged by just trying to use glue, tape, or materials that don’t go according to the type of materials that were used to manufacture the artificial turf installed.

Finally, how long the “solution” will last is questionable, and we give them 2 to 3 months at most if they don’t bring back the problem in a few days or weeks.

Sometimes, poor quality patches and solutions can lead to just making things worse, and this is what must be avoided. Thus, relying on professionals who understand what needs to be done and have the right materials and tools will be necessary.

Most repairs can be completed on our first visit to your property. We also assess damaged areas and give you enough time to consider how the repair can be done if we offer more than one option. Unless you inform our team about the fact that large areas of your lawn are involved, most repairs take less than two to three hours.

We Make All Repairs Seem Easy & Simple

A basic repair that includes patches and tapes will seem easy and simple to do, but just like we were saying: you have to question how long it will last and avoid risking making things worse.

Artificial turf can be purchased in multiple pieces so that you don’t need to wait for it to grow. It’s easy to replace any section, piece, or whole turf, as needed but as long as you understand how to remove the old or damaged one and place the new one.

Our job is to be able to do it in no time and still guarantee a clean result that will maintain your turf’s longevity and durability. You shouldn’t try to go over this repair or any others yourself as a result. We have seen many homeowners—in particular—removing whole pieces without needing to, leading to more money spent and the need to, sometimes, install a whole new section.

If you have installed your artificial turf with us, it is easy to have our team go to your property and provide the extra service you need, and if this repair consists of replacing one part, we usually leave leftovers to our clients so they can store them for us to use them whenever a repair or replacement is needed.

From taping, gluing, and working with entire pieces, we will help you in every step and guarantee your surface is just like new.

Our Professionals Make Our Service Reliable

Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie is available at all times and ready to take on a new repair request when needed. We welcome all residents, old and new, who require synthetic turf repair, and it doesn’t matter if your artificial product wasn’t installed with us.

To help us estimate the cost of repairs and to provide an immediate solution, you can send photos and any other evidence. Our team will inspect the area and determine the extent of the damage during the free visit as well, which can result in us working on the repair right away or a simple assessment.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you and how our repair process will work for you.

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