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Synthetic Grass Installation-Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie

Every client has their own preferences and needs when it comes to how they want their surfaces, areas, and entire properties to look. Above anything else, they not only one something that looks good but is also durable and long-lasting; this is when artificial turf and grass come to play a crucial role. Artificial grass is not the same as the synthetic turf you can find in the market since their purposes and uses are a bit different based on foot traffic, volume, and the desired look or landscaping design for the space. Our team at Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie will help you understand when synthetic grass installation is needed and provide a product that offers looks and longevity at the same time.

We know best because we have been working with turf and grass for more than 17 years. This includes both natural and synthetic options. We must know how each one works so we can give you a list of benefits and disadvantages for each one and help you understand why the artificial option is actually what you need for your green space.

First, you must know that our team knows how to help you with every aspect of synthetic grass: installation, maintenance, and repair. We know how to make synthetic grass perform well in all areas it is intended for, including gardens, patios, and parks, and those where the landscape is important.

Before making a decision, we love to give our clients an overview of the topic and explain the different types of synthetic grass we have available in our store for them to choose the final one based on our recommendations as we work with their projects and needs.

How to Differentiate Synthetic Grass & Synthetic Turf

When visiting soccer fields, stadiums, or similar areas where you would usually see people running and playing, you will notice that the green surface, which is often considered natural turf, is shorter in its leaves. There is a different feeling compared to when you just go to a patio or yard and sit for a bit. 

Be it natural or synthetic turf, it is used because it has durability, functionality, and great longevity. This specific type performs well in areas with a high volume of foot traffic and will offer a look that lasts longer even after all the high-impact activities that take place.

On the other hand, artificial grass is meant to look just like natural grass. This includes the main characteristics of how it doesn’t offer the same durability and longevity when facing high-impact activities and a lot of foot traffic.

Artificial grass can be used to provide a space for people to sit down and enjoy each other’s company. However, high volumes of traffic and resistance to it are not included in how you can use the space. Consider it more about landscaping and aesthetics than actual functionality for different activities.

The products have different uses and appearances since artificial grass has longer leaves, and you will notice how it feels different to the touch. It is crucial to understand your space to choose the right product and install it, considering that “any” won’t do.

After a thorough space assessment, both options will be equally durable, long-term performers, and attractive if they are installed in the right places. The space must be measured and the intended use determined. After that, the type of product will be selected and correctly installed.

Does That Mean You Usually Pick Synthetic Grass Over Turf?

As mentioned, everything depends; it is our job to determine when it is right to choose the grass over the turf or vice versa.

Sometimes clients contact us to request that synthetic grass be installed in high foot traffic areas or parks. These areas are not suitable for it but rather turf, and although we are open to this option, there are going to be some “buts” for us to accept this request.

You can choose from a variety of options depending on the functionality and appearance you desire.

Patios and gardens are preferred for artifice grass because they look more natural than even real grass and don’t require frequent watering.

Artificial grass fibers are made carefully and with top materials in our company. They feel the same as real grass and can be touched with naked hands.

We use only the finest materials, such as nylon and polyethylene. You can be sure of a beautiful surface all year round because our professionals are trained in the most recent technology and do their best to manufacture each product for better support and looks.

That being said, artificial turf is recommended for children playing, athletes, and those spaces that have a high volume of foot traffic. If you choose to install grass with us, we will have to set a new warranty as it is impossible to guarantee longevity and durability, considering that artificial grass is not meant for a high volume of traffic areas.

How The Installation Process Looks Like

We’ll work quickly to make sure that you are satisfied with the entire experience, and for it, we have improved our process over the years. We will pay you a free visit to assess the area, offer guidance on what to choose, and start working around the design needed.

It is crucial to choose the correct type, length, and method of installation along with the synthetic grass. You can expect a similar process to this:

  • Contact our team for more information.
  • Schedule a visit for free.
  • We’ll take a look at the area and give you some ideas and suggestions on which products and designs might work best.
  • Our team can help you design green spaces for your grass.
  • Get an estimate from us.
  • We will start work once you have approved it and made all changes—if there are any.

Feel free to contact us and have our Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie working in no time.

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