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Commercial Synthetic Turf Installation-Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie

Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie is able to work in many areas, including small gardens, patios, homes, and residential areas. We are also proud to be able to offer commercial synthetic turf installation so you can have your business area and all the green spaces you need in your business or maybe your property in order to provide your employees or maybe every customer the opportunity to enjoy a great place to connect with nature or just understand what you have to offer over your other competitors. 

Many Florida residents, not only those in Port St. Lucie, have not noticed artificial grass in their communities, and all believe everything there is to see is natural grass or turf in every garden and green corner. However, we can bet half of our money that at least 50% of the green areas in the city have the synthetic option installed.

Artificial turf is cheaper than natural grass and turf, and it also looks exactly like the real thing, which reduces the reasons why people would choose it over the artificial one that helps save money and time when tending to it and making sure it is always looking great while also performing properly.

Large-scale projects such as the installation of synthetic turf in parks, stadiums, and other public spaces can be challenging to manage. We may have to do some additional work in certain areas, but the surface must be uniform, and we will guarantee this as soon as we are trusted with the space.

Artificial turf is a common feature in all commercial areas, and even in parks and squares can be found. So, don’t feel bad for choosing this artificial opportunity over the real one when, nowadays, everyone is using it as a way to reduce costs and stop using so many natural resources for no good reason at all.

There are many things to take into consideration when working with it whatsoever. Artificial turf technology is always changing, and it is crucial to understand which materials are best to use to produce the product. Although this is part of our responsibility, we know you will be interested in it as you will determine whether this is for you or not thanks to the materials’ quality.

We have worked with many businesses, governments, and owners over the last 18 years to develop a solution, design, and lasting product. We can either make the majority of our turf ourselves or buy it from companies that follow our guidelines and standards with what should be used for manufacturing:

  • Use eco-friendly products.
  • Keep the price in mind.
  • Use only high-quality materials.
  • Be sure of durability and long-term success.

How to Know If Synthetic Turf Is for Your Business

Many businesses and companies have areas on their properties that they want to make greener or increase the area’s appeal, so more customers come in or maybe for their personal use and those of their employees.

These cases are better served by the commercial installation we offer instead of the residential one since it is for businesses, and we will be able to work close to what is done in your company or how you want to handle this investment as a business owner and not just a homeowner.

These options will help you understand when commercial artificial turf might be needed and why you should choose it for some projects:

  • Artificial turf is required by a company to be installed in an area not being used or destined for specific purposes, such as creating new areas for customers or employees. They will be able to save time and money as the surface is easy to maintain.
  • For large areas such as stadiums, large lawns, and other large spaces, installation is necessary so you can save time and money in its maintenance and not be affected by the high maintenance requirement of natural turf.
  • Parks, public areas, and similar properties are all commercial properties or part of the service we can provide.

How Expensive Is Commercial Synthetic Turf Installation?

If you are asking about the cost of services, please note that we charge for services to companies, individuals, and public spaces differently as projects tend to vary. It is hard to just establish an average, but if we have to, it would usually be set based on the size of the work site and how much we have to work to get the result.

Just like residential installation and regular service, everything depends on what you want, what we use, and your needs. Thus, as a client, you will receive a custom estimate for your project, and we can negotiate the price with you or offer to finance as requested.

Our estimates and costs are influenced by the materials used and the product chosen for the job. They do not depend on who requested them, which means that if a residential owner requests the exact same project and even design compared to a commercial owner, the estimate would be the same if the job and workload have no differences.

If this is what you are looking for, it isn’t expensive. Because we use high-quality products and low prices to produce our products, it is a guarantee. Because we have many partnerships throughout the country and state, we outsource all materials to the best companies without paying really high prices.

We will work closely with you to establish a budget, and as long as the project and design are within the allocated budget, we will comply with what you want and need at the same time. We can give you advice and suggestions on how to make the project more manageable.

If it’s possible to reduce costs and still deliver the quality you desire, we will continue to pursue this option. Do not worry about the price; just contact us to let our team do its magic and bring different options to the table so you can pick the one that fits your needs and preferences the most.

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