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Stuart-Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie

One thing everyone in Stuart has in common? How they love taking care of their patios, yards, and gardens and even contributing to preserving and maintaining every clean park and green space in the city. As a contribution to having more green areas and adding new attractions, our company Synthetic Turf Team of Port St. Lucie, offers all services related to synthetic turf and grass.

Installation, repairs, maintenance, manufacturing, and providing specific types of turf and grass of them are on our list of solutions so you can be part of the green community in the area.

Before you start questioning the use of artificial turf, you need to know that most people have realized something crucial: natural grass doesn’t help the planet; it is the opposite. Since you have to water it almost every day and continue investing money in fertilizers and chemicals to maintain it green all year round, it ends up being a problem for you and the planet.

Using more water means you are investing natural resources that shouldn’t be meant for keeping an area green all year and doesn’t even guarantee it will be like that or as you wish. Besides, the grass isn’t exactly part of how trees and plant help with oxygen and all the regular elements in our ecosystem and environment. Thus, no, you aren’t helping the planet with natural grass.

Meanwhile, artificial turf looks the same as the real thing but brings something better: not having to water it every week but rather once or twice a month while getting rid of all chemicals is possible.

How Can You Start Contributing to the City & Planet?

By installing your own synthetic turf and grass. Our team is here to support your idea and bring the best products that are earth-friendly, nontoxic, and pet-friendly. Additionally, all types of turf in our stock offer great support and longevity.

We will choose the right type for you based on the foot traffic of the space where it is meant to be installed and the activities to take place in it. If you have pets and children, this would be a key piece of information you should provide us with.

Just make sure you are not entirely removing the grass or natural option, but that you start relying on the artificial ones that save you a lot of money in water bills as well, and you contribute to the earth in the process.

Part of our job is guaranteeing that everyone is able to have a surface that won’t compromise any parties: the planet and themselves, and even those third parties who will use the space.

Besides regular installation, we offer synthetic turf repair, artificial grass installation, and more post-installation services. All it takes is to call our team, work around scheduling an assessment and visit so we can see your space, and allow us to give some recommendations. From there, you will have a stunning surface all year round. Feel free to email us or visit as well in the nearest office to your location.

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